Public safety is a major concern for homebuyers! You want to move to a community with low property and violent crime rates. The Dallas-Fort Worth Area Communities boast some of the lowest crime rates in the state. In fact, 6 area cities made it to the top of home security and safety website SafeWise's recently released list of the 50 Safest Cities in Texas - 2017!


To determine the rankings for Texas cities, SafeWise examined communities with a population of at least 10,000 people and reviewed FBI Crime Report statistics from 2015. Cities were narrowed down based on the number of reported property crimes and violent crimes, as well as the likelihood of crimes being committed out of 1,000 people in each city. The following communities all had lower crime rates than the national average and proved that public safety is a top priority!



Property Crime per 1,000: 3.37

50 Safest Cities in Texas

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.25



Property Crime per 1,000: 5.14

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.55



Property Crime per 1,000: 7.14

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.48



Property Crime per 1,000: 7.31

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.51



Property Crime per 1,000: 11.88

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.34



Property Crime per 1,000: 11.93

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.63


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