Are you searching for the right real estate agent to assist with your North Texas home sale?  Be sure to ask these questions before hiring one to assist you!

1. How long have you been a Real Estate Agent?  An agents knowledge, experience and track record are critical to the success of your home sale.

2. What's your track record in my area?  It's important to know how much business an agent has done is your area and what their success was with each. This gives you a measurement for the sale of your home.  An agents experience in your area allows them the knowledge necessary for marketing your home and gaining top dollar at the sale.

3. What's my committment to you?  How long is your contract? What costs will you be responsible for at the close of your sale?  Getting the particulars of a contract are important in your planning.

4. How do you communicate with your clients and how often? It's critical that you have access to your agent whenever a question or need arises. You also want to be kept updated on the property on a regular basis.  Your professional local real estate agent should also be proactive in directing you on any potential real estate issues that could arise.

5. What is your marketing strategy for my home?  All agents have marketing plans, but you need to be sure your property is being marketed for it's unique features and location. Nothing is worse than a standardized marketing plan for everyone. In order to sell your home quickly and for top dollar your selected agent needs to have a personalized marketing plan.

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