While many cities in the country have seen a slowing down of homeownership rates, some cities have seen a sudden boom in homeownership! Economists at Realtor.com® analyzed 75 of the largest American metropolitan areas to see where homeownership is on the rise. They found 10 of the top cities with high homeownership rates. Residents in these cities are choosing to take the plunge to buy instead of rent. These areas are thriving thanks to affordability, economic growth, and other attractive features. Once the results from their study came in........the Dallas area claimed the 9th spot for largest increase in homeownership!

Dallas has many attractive qualities drawing homebuyers to the metropolitan area. The job growth and boom of business in Dallas has lead to major expansion. While Texas does have high property taxes, there is no state income tax. Many new arrivals to Dallas are attracted to the downtown area. This area offers new, high rise, luxury condominiums. The metropolitan area's suburbs with their single family homes, larger lots, and desirable neighborhoods remain attractive to homebuyers despite their higher prices. With incredible amenties, endless recreational and entertainment facilities, excellent public schools, great health care, and a thriving economy, Dallas has much to offer new and current residents!




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Reference: realtor.com®